Stylish door covers / awnings to protect your porch, door, and windows from stormy weather, keep your entrance clear and add value to your home or property
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Product Overview

Sophisticated, contemporary & minimalistic glass awning for Doorways, and Facades. The Taurus 1500 Door Awning helps to protect your porch, door, and windows from the inclement weather. Crafted with stainless steel support arms, and clear, UV treated 12 mm tempered glass panel that filters the harmful UV rays, the Taurus adds value, complements and enhances your home or property and creates an eco-friendly extension. This stylish Do-It-Yourself product is made to ensure durability for many years of use, includes all installation hardware.


Roofing panel

• 12 mm tempered glass panel (6 mm + 6 mm), treated to block the harmful UV rays
• Easy DIY assembly – no special tools required
• Ready to assemble pre-cut panel


Frame Material

• Stainless Steel support arms
• Ready to assemble pre-drilled profiles



• Adjustable slope for changing weather conditions
• Mounting hardware included



Taurus 1500




Click on each product name to download the assembly instruction:

Taurus 1500 Assembly Instructions


*NOTE: not all the products can be found at each retailer at all times