As plastics were becoming prevalent in the mid-1960‘s, Palram already had its foot in the door. Today, after more than 50 years of intensive research and cutting-edge innovation, the company finds itself at the forefront of the thermoplastic world…with time-tested products able to withstand the rigors of industrial use and heavy construction projects. Thanks to Palram Applications, you, too, can now use these same ultra-resistant, state-of-art materials to embellish your home through our vast selection of aesthetically-designed outdoor structures for your home. Beyond being a world-class producer of great “plastics”, we take the fulfillment of your garden dreams very seriously.

Ever wanted to grow your own roses or zucchini? Maybe add a stylish gazebo to your yard or turn that open patio into a year-round fine habitat? How about protecting your car from the elements or storing scattered gear in one safe, convenient shed? We’re here to help make this happen... every step of the way, thanks to the world widest range of fine, reliable, easy-to-assemble DYI outdoor structures.


Committed to providing the utmost in reliable customer service, we’ve established a far-reaching international network of locally-based distributors, who pride themselves on faithfully advising the markets they serve. No question is too small, no dream too large. Our company was founded on the challenge of identifying and solving consumer needs and desires; feel free to click here and share your own.

So this is who we are in a nutshell: a dedicated designer and provider of exceptionally well-crafted outdoor solutions, built from ultra-durable materials and tastefully designed to enhance any home or more simply put: Dream Fulfillers.