Customer Feature: Gazebos kits

Gazebo Kits

many gazebo options for many uses:

One of our greatest pleasures is seeing how you, our customers, use our products in your own outdoor spaces. We love being a part of your lives and experiences and it is the ultimate compliment when you share with us. We also know that seeing gazebos in action and how they are used in everyday life can help you visualize it in your own. Here are some of the ways you have used Palram aluminum gazebos in your own lives:

The spectacular Atlantic Retreat Lodge in Ireland uses two of the Palram metal gazebos in their luxury accommodations. They use the Milano 3000 as a charming outdoor dining area for a cozy meal. Set right against the lodge, it creates a fluid extension of the indoors into the outdoors. They use another hardtop gazebo, the Palermo 3000, for a terrace with a luscious green view. We are longing to go see it in person.

Photos Credit: Atlantic Retreat Lodge, Ireland

We love how this customer in Florida uses a metal gazebo to create a covered dock. Sitting on the water, shaded from the sun with the Palermo, and warmed by the firepit sounds like an ideal afternoon.

Photo Credit: Jason K Haynes, Florida

Ensconced in lush florals and nestled against the house, this Garda gazebo in Ohio is a gorgeous haven that feels like its own world. We are so impressed by this DIY gazebo setup.

Photos Credit: Garda Sekhar Singh, Ohio

A customer in Finland created a beautiful design, seamlessly incorporating the Ledro 3000 into their deck with both lounging and dining areas. Check out that aluminum gazebo sunset view.

Photos credit: Maija Gronholm, Finland

Another customer created a luxurious, personal oasis using the Ledro 3600 in Norway. We cannot get enough of this enclosed gazebo surrounded by flowers.

Photo Credit: Ragni Johansen, Norway

A Palermo in Poland is similarly giving us major envy.

We adore the outdoor spa we’ve seen our customers in Israel create, using the Palermo to cover a hot tub on a deck, have it discreetly tucked away, or next to it, covering some poolside seating.

Photo Credits: Dudi ben Ayon, Taup Arad, Keren Harlev, Israel

This Martinique lounge setup from a customer in Los Angeles is absolutely magical at night. Relaxing under this metal gazebo with friends or family seems like a picture-perfect way to spend time together.

Photo Credit: Mahmood Premji, California

Some customers keep their gazebo simple, like this Milano 4300 in the UK overlooking the water…

…while others accessorize with curtains, flowers, and a lounge area like this Palermo in New York.

Photos Credit: @Billy N Maryann, New York

We thoroughly enjoyed receiving this photo of a Palermo from a customer in the Netherlands and are daydreaming about a visit (and maybe a meal at that table)

Photo Credit: Venlo Netherlands

However, and wherever you use it, we know you will enjoy your gazebo for years to come and hope you will continue to share your experiences with us 😊