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Product Overview

The Cold Frame Single provides your tender seedlings with a protective start and allows you to extend your growing season from early spring to late fall. It will also protect them from early or late light frosts, garden pests, damaging winds and is designed to fit perfectly in smaller gardens. The adjustable access lid allows for variable ventilation and humidly control on warmer sunny days, as well as maximizes sunlight exposure and allows rain to runoff. The lightweight design is easy to remove and disassemble for storage during winter’s snowy months. Assembly is quick and easy without the need for special tools; 10 minutes and you are ready to start growing.


Polycarbonate Panels

• Virtually unbreakable, high-impact resistant and flexible
• Crystal-clear Polycarbonate provide over 90% light transmission
• Complete UV blockage and 100% UV protected, the panels do not discolor, fracture or shatter
• Maintain their integrity and withstand extreme weather conditions for many years of use


Aluminum frame

• Durable, rust resistant Aluminum frame


Easy assembly and use

• An ideal growing solution for small gardens
• Quick & easy shifting of hinges to all positions
• Simple DIY assembly kit – an all included kit
• Sloped lid design to allow maximum sunlight and for rain run off
• Lightweight design breaks down easily for winter storage


Adjustable lid

• 3 possible positions: open for cultivation and irrigation, half closed for ventilation and balancing of temperature and humidity levels or closed for heat retention



Cold Frame Single




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Cold Frame Single Assembly Instructions


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Cold Frame Single Warranty

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