Add a touch of class to your garden appeal and provide your family with the perfect outdoor lounging area

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Product Overview

The Gala Patio Cover was designed with your comfort in mind; it is robust, sturdy and durable, comprised of corrosion resistant white powder coated aluminum structure, and combined with virtually unbreakable, 100% UV protected white 16 mm Twin-wall Polycarbonate roof panels. You will enjoy this high-end, luxurious pergola, on rainy as well as on fantastic sunny days. It was designed to be simply assembled by 2 people; it requires no experience, no special skills, and no special tools. Be creative with your new extra space; add class to your garden appeal and turn your outdoor area into an elegant addition to your home and lifestyle to be enjoyed year-round!

Polycarbonate Panels

• Virtually unbreakable White 16 mm multiwall polycarbonate roof panels are high impact, shatter resistant and withstand severe weather conditions
• Maintain their integrity, provide complete UV blockage, and are 100% UV protected; they do not discolor, fracture or become brittle over time
• Safe, quick and easy DIY assembly – Sliding roof panels installation
• Ready to assemble pre-cut panels


Aluminum Structure

• Robust structure – reinforced design with durable and corrosion resistant white powder coated finished aluminum profiles and galvanized steel connectors
• Engineered to meet heavy snow loads and high winds when properly assembled and anchored to a solid base such as concrete or asphalt
• Simple 2 person DIY assembly – ready to assemble pre-drilled profiles; all screws included
• Maintenance free – no rust, rot or peel


Adjustable and flexible fixing method

• The Gala is a high performance structure, with flexible positioning poles enabling you to set your required height at the wall connection, the distance from the house and between the poles at the front.
• Wall mounting plate is adjustable to meet your desired height between 290-340 cm (114.2 in. – 133.8 in.); allowing a flexible positioning of the roof slope, enabling snow and rain to slide off
• Adjustable poles allow for ideal positioning: between the poles 180-250 cm (70.9 in. – 98.4 in.) and front to back 200-255 cm (78.7 in. – 100.4 in.)


Anchoring and Foot-pads

• Anchoring and foot-pads included – Secure the patio cover to the surface of your choosing to make the most of your sturdy structure, increase its stability and improve its weather resistance
• Sturdy 15×15 cm (5.9 in x 5.9 in.) aluminum poles


Gutter & gutter heads

• Integrated gutter and gutter heads allow you to easily channel and collect rainwater for a sustainable irrigation system; connects to standard home gutter system



Gala 3×3.05 Patio Cover




Click on each product name to download the assembly instruction:

Gala Patio Cover Assembly Instructions MAR 2017

Gala Patio Cover Assembly Instructions MAR 2017


Compare Patio Covers

Feature / Patio Cover Type Palram Patio Cover Wooden Patio Cover Metal Patio Cover
Frame Materials Heavy duty, corrosion resistant Aluminum and galvanized steel Wood Steel
Covering Type / Hail Resistance Virtually unbreakable twin-wall or multi-wall Polycarbonate roof panels Usually sold separately Usually sold with the following cover options: PVC – Not hail resistant / Tin roof – May dent / Fiberglass – May cause health problems / Aluminum – Hail resistant
Light Transmission Panels transmit diffused sunlight yet offer shade No light transmission (only with fiberglass) No light transmission (only with Polycarbonate)
UV Resistance All UV resistant – 100% UV protected non yellowing panels and powder coated Aluminum frame Special expensive coating is needed annually Depend upon powder coating quality
Weather Resistance Extreme weather resistant – No wear and tear Withstands low temperatures up to -210°F / Withstands high temperatures up to 270°F Needs periodic treatments Needs periodic treatments
Rot Resistance Yes None, requires periodic special coating / treatment Yes
Drainage Integrated gutter and adjustable gutter heads None (may be sold separately) None (may be sold separately)
Maintenance Maintenance free, rinse with water Requires regular maintenance such as painting, rot treatments, sanding etc. Requires regular maintenance such as painting and anti-rust treatment, corrosion and rust appear over time
Assembly Quick and simple DIY setup – Assembled with common household tools Usually requires professional setup Usually requires professional setup
Assembly Kit Fully equipped assembly kit provided – Anchoring and foot-pads Kit along with all screws and bolts None (sold separately) Usually a fully equipped assembly kit is provided
Eco Friendly 100% recyclable and reusable Uprooting forests Harmful paints and materials pervade ground water
Warranty 10 year Varies Varies
Packaging / Transport Compact & efficient packaging, to be transported in your own pickup Usually a heavy truck delivery Usually a heavy truck delivery
*NOTE: not all the products can be found at each retailer at all times