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Polycarbonate panels withstand extreme weather conditions due to their strength and flexibility. They do not shatter consequently they are safer than glass, which is especially important in a domestic environment and the vicinity of children and the elderly. The low weight of the panels – less than 1kg – makes the greenhouse easy to deliver, handle, assemble and also relocate – an assembled 6×8 harmony greenhouse weighs less than 45kg. Polycarbonate complete shields from the harmful effects of UV radiation and protects everything inside the greenhouse: people, plants, pots, tools etc.

Polycarbonate inherently absorbs up to 100% of harmful UV radiation; it provides complete protection but in order to maintain its properties and integrity for many years it needs to be protected. Palram Polycarbonate panels for exterior use have an embedded UV protective layer that must be installed outwards facing the sun. Twin-wall or multi-wall panels have a “This side out” marking (see attached example); please make sure you install them accordingly and remove the marking after installation.

Polycarbonates are a group of thermoplastic polymers. Their strength and toughness allows them to be used as either commodity and or engineering plastics. They have superior service temperature range, impact resistance and optical quality. For more information please refer to the “Why Polycarbonate?”

Only specific kits are designed to be extended and only using designated Palram extension kits. Extendable products are noted as such on our website at the product page’s Overview tab, as well as in the assembly instructions where the “Extendable Product” mark appear on the right bottom corner of the cover.

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